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We have shifted gears into the “70’s FlashBack.” NOT the hits of the ’70s! It IS 70s radio LIKE YOU WERE THERE!! Come return to the ’70s! Saturdays: 6 am PST | 8 am CST | 9 am EST | 2 pm GMT | 3 pm CET #70sFlashBack ||#GrooveisCool || #retrorockradio Listen Link – [https://live365.com/station/RetroRock-Radio-Network-a00085]

It’s the weekend, so we scheduled you our “TGIF WEEKEND SPECIAL!” A 7-hour flight BACK to the ’80s so you can “commute” through the last of your week. All the ’80s sounds from the radio, bars, and clubs. Doodle Doodle DEE, Wubbah Wubbah Wubbah! (IYKYK) Weekdays: 6 am PST | 8 am CST | 9 am EST | 2 pm GMT | 3 pm CET #Back2the80s || #Fridaysrock || #retrorockradio Listen Link – (https://live365.com/station/RetroRock-Radio-Network-a00085)

No wonder he cant drive … 55

In one hour, we help satisfy YOUR inner POP MUSIC MONSTER! Join us as we jam you with a very special 6-hour mix of the best Pop and Dance trax of the ‘80s, ‘90s, and Beyond. Weekdays: 12 am PDT | 2 am CDT | 5 am EDT | 8 am BSTT | 9 am CEST #RetrogradePop || #WeekDaysRock || #retrorockradio Listen Link – [https://live365.com/station/RetroRock-Radio-Network-a00085]

IN ONE HOUR, we Launch SIX-HOURS of CLASSIC ALTERNATIVE ROCK” in our show … “RetroActive”! Relive the Glory Days of Stations Like Boston’s “FNX”, “The Edge” in Dallas, “San Francisco’s “Live 105”, and of course the mighty KROQ in LA! …This is Classic Alternative Rock, THIS IS … RETROACTIVE! Weekdays: 6 pm PDT | 8 pm CDT | 9 pm EDT | 2 am BST | 3 am CEST #RetroActive || #WeekDaysRock || #retrorockradio Listen Link – [https://live365.com/station/RetroRock-Radio-Network-a00085]

Drill claw … drill claw . Body blow …..

This is gonna b one helluva ride

Or … Monsters of Rock hits France … lol

In ONE HOUR, it’s the “RetroRock Rewind with Rhett Butler!” While we are ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC, we have BuZZ-worthy stories from the week, the “CELEBRITY SLUDGE” to keep up with those Rock Stars, and “The RHETTORIC” shares rock trivia and Birthdays. We even grab digital dirt from the Gaming world in the “SPRITE SPOT!” Thursdays: 2 pm PST | 4 pm CST | 5 pm EST | 10 pm GMT | 11 pm CET #RetroRockRewind || #WeekDaysRock || #retrorockradio Listen Link – [https://live365.com/station/RetroRock-Radio-Network-a00085]

This weekly 4-hour RADIO SHOW is professionally produced from “Stem to Stern” and is syndicated globally on 17 networks in 10 countries! As we continue our mission of bringing real rock radio back, we would LOVE your station to join our broadcast family and help continue the “Web’s Rock Revolution!” For more information and/or to become an affiliate of the show: Use the WhatsApp button on FB page … OR … Email: rhett@retrorockradio.com Show Demo Link – [https://youtu.be/7h9Xbp9-BeE]

RetroRock Rewind with Rhett Butler || Episode 237__Nov 30 Uploaded 18 Files to distribution @ 0745 PST USE Hr 4 Pt 4 as FINAL part of show IF running LESS THAN 4 hours!! 16 MP3 Hourly Show Files (4 per hr) || 1 PDF Show Run Sheet || 1 TXT Show CUE SHEET If you have ANY issues, please EMAIL US: (rewind@retrorockradio.com)

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RetroRock Radio Network

RetroRock Radio Network

"The Web's ROCK Revolution!"

I will be back soon

RetroRock Radio Network
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