We are happy to announce

The RetroRock Rewind All in Christmas Special

We thought everyone would enjoy a Christmas special

That focuses on the music … DIFFERENTLY!

This is a 4-hour show “LOOSELY” based on the Weekly RetroRock Rewind show.

There is NO COST, as the show is 100% BARTER!

“Buyin’ In” is as easy as REGISTERING to carry the show,

and then playing the show with the INCLUDED National Ads.

There are 6 Minutes of National ads and 6 Minutes of Local Avails EACH HOUR

Each hour is 4 Segments with Breaks @  :22  :39  :54       OPTIONAL 4th Segment  :56 

We include an entire Segment 4 that is a sweeper with a track to total 4 minutes, HOWEVER, the station can DROP that segment and replace it with a 4-minute Local news, cast, traffic updates, weather, sports, etc…


Yes, we have all the traditional songs like White Christmas. Little Drummer Boy and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree, but they are belted out by some of your favorite Artists Like Stevie Nicks, Styx, and Bon Jovi.

Keeping the family entertained while they are in town is easy with acts like Bare Naked Ladies, The Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Weird Al Yankovic and their  Light and “Original” tracks  that will tickle the funny bone for the “Spirit.”

As this IS a ROCK show, we bring some Metal Greats Like Stephen Pearcy, Gash, and Ronnie James Dio to add some raw energy to some classic tracks!


While the show is all about the music, we have a few features to keep things interesting, Like the Rhettoric, where we focus on Rock Trivia, History, and BIRTHDAYS!

The Sprite Spot delves into the Good, the Bad, and the UGLY of the Video Game world, to help you sort out what is the “Right” gift for your favorite gamer.

Each hour we make sure that you get to “Burn off” all those magnificent Holiday desserts by dropping to “SLEIGHING” (louder) tracks to pump up the volume, and your heart rate!


To make it easy to run the show, we have included a color Coded “Run sheet” that lists out every element (Song, Artist, Track Times, Ad Traffic, Total Times) so that your station will know to the second where everything goes, and where they are in the program.

We even have included a show clock for those who appreciate a visual representation of the “Breakouts” for the show segments.

If the clock and segments “Feel Familiar:” it is BY DESIGN, we run the SAME clock as most Major Networks (Westwood One, iHeart Radio, Audacy, etc…)

There are a total of 18 Show Files –

16 .Mp3 Show Files, 1 pdf RUN sheet, and 1 txt CUE sheet.



IS December 15th

With completed registrations, we will also provide;

  1. A produced Generic ToH ID
  2. A Generic 60-second Show Audio Promo
  3.  A Generic Show Graphic promo

All are VERY EASY to personalize for the Station



If you have ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS about the show,

please EMAIL – details@retrorockradio.com

Below is a Demo Video to help outline the show

and make the decision for your station easier

If you are ready to “BUY IN” AND REGISTER for the show

Please fill out this EMBEDDED REGISTRATION form

RetroRock Radio – SF Bay

RetroRock Radio - SF Bay

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